If you're a first time buyer looking to get on the property ladder, you need reassurance that a mortgage will be available to you.

Whilst 100% mortgages are no longer available, the Government backed Help to Buy scheme has made 95% mortgages more accessible to those with a limited deposit.

Engaging with a Mortgage Adviser early not only gives you the security of knowing that has a mortgage been agreed in principle, it also arms you with your maximum borrowing capacity. This gives you the upper hand when negotiating with an estate agent.

Remember, the estate agent is working on behalf of the seller to get the best price they can for the property and it's not always the best idea to let them know your full financial situation. This might end up in you paying a higher price for the house than if you were able to negotiate more impartially - or even losing it completely to someone the agent deems to be in a better situation than yourself.

It is important therefore that you speak to an experienced Mortgage Adviser at the earliest opportunity - don't leave it until you find a house.

We can offer you a free initial consultation to find out how much you can borrow and approach a lender for you to get a mortgage agreement in principle. Again this is at no cost and does not bind you to a particular lender if a better deal is available when you do actually need to make your full mortgage application.